5 big questions after The Third Day Episode 2

Jude Law, Katherine Waterston in The Third Day episode 2 - Photograph by Robert Ludovic/HBO
Jude Law, Katherine Waterston in The Third Day episode 2 - Photograph by Robert Ludovic/HBO /

The Third Day Episode 2 took us on a wild trip and left us with burning questions

The Third Day Episode 2 certainly took us on a wild trip. It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not.

We got a few answers to questions from the first episode. Unsurprisingly, the act of throwing a piece of clothing into the river has become a ritual for Sam. However, I remain convinced he’s going to be some sort of sacrifice in another ritual coming up.

Jude Law’s performance continues to be the reason to watch this series. He’s compelling as a character, offering a variety of shades and questions on their own. Here are my five biggest questions from The Third Day Episode 2.

Why didn’t Sam leave?

Sam had the chance to get off the island. He was on the causeway when his phone started beeping with text messages that he couldn’t get while on the island. It does seem a little convenient that it all happened in the middle of the causeway when the signal should have still been iffy. It’s almost like the people on the island turned the signal back on.

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Anyway, Sam decided to turn back after reading through the texts. Why? Is he running from his life? Does he feel a connection to the cult-like people? Maybe it was his connection to Jess.

When was Sam there in the past?

Sam kept getting flashbacks of the past. He was on the island, seeing things happen. It’s clear that at some point he was on that island; that it wasn’t just his grandfather.

Or was it his grandfather? Is he actually his grandfather, the soul stuck on the island? That wouldn’t usually make sense but this world is crazy, so something crazy like that could fit.

What did Mimir mean?

When Sam went to visit Mimir, he realized that Mimir had the newspaper clipping after finding Sam’s son. It was of the asylum seeker’s arrest. It’s opened up a lot of truth from Sam, but there is a big question involving Mimir.

What did he want to tell Sam? What are people trying to prevent Sam from learning? Is it possible that his son’s killer was from the island? Maybe Sam killed his son and the story of the asylum seeker was created as he shut out what he really did out.

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What is Jess’s role really in this?

Jess knows a lot about the people on the island. She encouraged Sam to take the acid, despite her saying earlier that she was remaining clean to get her child back. There isn’t a lot that makes sense about this woman, suggesting she’s really a lure.

At first, I thought she might be the female victim as there’s usually two sacrifices. Now I get the sense that she was the one used to make sure Sam stayed on the island.

Will Sam make it out alive?

The end of The Third Day Episode 2 saw the masked men catch up to Sam and hit him over the head. For some reason, they want to kill him. It’s not clear why just yet, but it has to have something to do with the ritual coming up.

The people are desperate for their oyster trade again. There’s no doubt that they’d go as far as believe a Celtic god could help them.

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What questions do you have after The Third Day Episode 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Third Day airs Mondays at 9/8c on HBO.