All In: The Fight for Democracy is available for free today

All In: The Fight for Democracy -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
All In: The Fight for Democracy -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Check out All In: The Fight for Democracy for free right now

Amazon doesn’t often make its movies available for free, but there are times that it’s more than worth it. All In: The Fight for Democracy is being pulled in front of the paywall today, and only today.

The move is certainly a politically motivated one. Today marks National Voter Registration Day, and this is the point where people are encouraged to register if they haven’t already. All In: The Fight for Democracy is a way to show why voter registration is important. It’s a chance to show why you need to vote this year, even if you don’t think your vote is going to count.

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You won’t just be able to watch the movie on Amazon Prime Video in front of the paywall, either. It’s going to be available on Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch for the same 24-hour period. There will be watch parties where you can join at no extra costs. One of those is with Stacy Abrams and Lin-Manuel Miranda on Twitter at 4 p.m. ET and the other is with Neeko on Twitch at 11 a.m. PT.

What is All In: The Fight for Democracy about?

The documentary released last week takes a look at the topic of voter suppression. It’s certainly a major topic of discussion this year with the 2020 Presidential Election just around the corner.

This isn’t just a look at current practices, but also practices in the past. The idea is to expose the problem from the beginning and what the issue today is. Making people aware of this sort of thing is essential for individuals to fight against it.

Surprisingly, many people don’t know the threats to their basic U.S. citizen rights. This movie focuses on changing that. Voting should be accessible to everyone.

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All In: The Fight for Democracy is available to stream for free today. It will be available on Amazon Prime Video afterward.