Hunters finally renewed for a second season: What we know so far

Hunters -- Photo Credit: Christopher Saunders / Amazon Studios
Hunters -- Photo Credit: Christopher Saunders / Amazon Studios /

What do we know about Hunters Season 2 so far?

We were just starting to get worried, but it turns out Hunters Season 2 is officially happening at Amazon. Just what do we know about it so far?

The renewal has come much later than expected. After debuting in February, we’d hoped to hear something by April 2020. While the pandemic could have been an excuse, it was hard to overlook the likes of Upload and Hanna being quickly renewed, which made us worried about Hunters.

However, TVLine reports that Amazon is officially bringing the show back for a second season, which is a relief. We can’t leave Joe down in Argentina with Hitler and Eva.

What exactly do we know about Hunters Season 2 so far?

The masterminds are set to return

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This show is what it is because of creator David Weill. He was inspired to create the show because of the stories his grandmother told her as a Holocaust survivor. However, he didn’t want to include any real stories despite having plenty of them.

Then there’s executive producer Jordan Peele, who certainly brought his style to the quirky, action-packed, thrilling ride.

Both are set to return to the show.

Which cast members are returning to Hunters Season 2?

We can expect Logan Lerman to reprise his role, Jonah Heidelbaum. I also suspect Jerrika Hinton will return as Millie Morris. That storyline definitely isn’t over.

There’s a strong chance that Tiffany Boone, Josh Radnor, and Kate Mulvany will return considering the way the first season left their storylines. We can also expect to see Greg Austin and Dylan Baker to return.

I can’t see a reason not to have Louis Ozawa back, especially considering Lena Olin’s “The Colonel” escaped to Argentina. We learned that The Colonel was actually Eva Braun, and that Hitler was actually alive. They had faked their deaths and escaped to Argentina. There’s certainly a huge storyline here to play out, especially since nobody knows that Joe has been taken to Argentina.

Carol Kane may return. After the death of her husband Murray, played by Saul Rubinek, Mindy decided not to be part of the group of Nazi hunters. Of course, she was an important part of the team, so we could see her return at some point. Murray’s death during the first season will prevent him from returning.

Will Al Pacino return?

The biggest question surrounds Al Pacino, who played Meyer Offerman throughout the first season. Of course, there was a huge twist at the end, revealing him to be the Nazi and not the Jewish man that Jonah’s grandmother had loved.

Jonah killed Meyer/The Wolf in the end. The question is whether he’s actually dead or if there was still a little bit of life in him.

What will Hunters Season 2 be about?

Nothing has been released about the plot for the second season. This isn’t surprising since the renewal has only just been made. We’re looking at the second season focused on the American hunters taking their fight to Europe. After all, there are still plenty of Nazis in hiding.

Biff Simpson had also made it to Europe after his cover was exposed and he lost the support of the Nazis. We’ll see him fight for survival more than likely.

And finally, there’s the storyline in Argentina. We just need to know what’s going on here.

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Hunters Season 1 is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.