Upload: Everything we learned from the Comic-Con@Home panel

The Upload cast and creator joined together for Comic-Con@Home

Upload became an instant success for Amazon Prime Video, very quickly renewed for a second season. It wasn’t surprising to see that the show’s creator, Greg Daniels, and some of the cast joined together for Comic-Con@Home to further promote the series.

While Upload has been renewed, not much has happened for it yet. Writing can happen, but filming will take some time. That means most of the panel was a look back at the first season, especially a look at the creation of the series.

It’s all about meat

There were a few comments about meat, which became a running thing, especially at the start of the season. Daniels explained that his future sees big tech companies joining with big fast food companies to create bigger companies. If you look carefully throughout the series, you will see that.

This is a show that has been through years of development, initially thought of during Daniels’s time on Saturday Night Live. The idea that it is now was founded in 2014 and has grown from there.

No pressure to the relationship

Robbie Amell and Andy Allo talked about the relationship between Nathan and Nora on the series. Amell shares that this is a relationship that doesn’t have much pressure to start with because it shouldn’t work. There shouldn’t be a romantic connection between them.

Amell also talked about how Daniels created a world that people could relate with. It may be in the future and a digital afterlife, but there are some very real elements. There’s also plenty of growth, especially where Nathan comes in.

Meanwhile, Nathan has the ongoing relationship with Ingrid. Allegra Edwards talked about how this relationship involves abuse of power, but the human element to the relationship is the long-distance part to it. Edwards also brought up how people now will connect to this long-distance relationship even more considering we can’t travel as much.

Of course, the hug suit was brought up. Apparently that was very hot and sticky! It looks it! One comment about the hug suit stands out: “It needs disposable pants”

A little about Luke and Alisha

Kevin Bigley talked about Luke, who is apparently “a hamster who loves his cage.” All he wants is to gain Earthly pleasure from a place that is beyond Earth.

There is a darker side to Luke. It’s something we didn’t touch on too much on Upload, but there have been some mentions. This is something Luke tries to avoid by being constantly on the go. Bigley likens Luke to a shark, which brought up a mention of a need of half-hamster, half-shark fan art.

With talk of Luke, Upload had to touch on Alisha stopping Luke from doing everything in each episode. Zainab Johnson does say that while Luke gets on Alisha’s nerves, but he also is a good thing for her. Alisha’s job is quite mundane, but Luke offers a source of entertainment.

We all want to see more of their relationship between the two of them on Upload Season 2. Especially if it was the half-tiger and half-bear, which Johnson says that Alisha would be. Johnson would also like to see Alisha at the other jobs she has or why she needs to have so many jobs.

Upload Season 2

Upload — Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video

Upload Season 1 deleted scene

We did get a deleted scene from the first season. It doesn’t have any of the VFX added in, but it’s still a great chance to see Ingrid and young Navaya interact. Navaya is on the way to Ingrid’s house, where she’ll get her first taste of real food.

One of the great things is how Navaya thinks real food coming out of the ground is gross. It just gives a look at the perception based on growing up. It turns out that growing your own food in this world is illegal, though!

Edwards thinks about how cooking food is a luxury. Instead of going out to eat, they will choose to cook their own food.

You’ll want to jump to about 32 minutes for the deleted scene.

There wasn’t much to share about Upload Season 2, except for hopes for the characters. With Daniels there, maybe he can consider some of the wishes for the upcoming storylines mixed in with giving answers to so many questions we have.

Daniels does say that some of the things that the cast would like to see is coming. The writers are in the middle of the writing at the moment and there will be some new tech. There will be a chance to see Nora and Nathan change Lakeview a little, which will hopefully mean Nathan gets out of the 2-gig area.

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What did you enjoy about the Upload panel? What would you like to see in Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Upload is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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