Hanna Season 2 finale recap: Can Hanna and Clara save Kat?

Hanna and Clara need to keep Kat alive on the Hanna Season 2 finale

Is it possible to keep Kat alive? That’s something Hanna and Clara need to do during the Hanna Season 2 finale. Here’s a look back at the episode.

After failing to complete her mission, Clara went on the run with Hanna. They had to take Kat with them, knowing that she was now in danger too.

Meanwhile, Sandy headed to safety while she waited for Leo. Without the briefcase, the mission isn’t yet over. John has to head to Barcelona to help see the mission finished.

Hanna learns the truth about the briefcase

We knew that Utrax wanted the briefcase because of a target list. It turned out the target list was the women who had given birth to the girls. However, that’s not all.

John’s secret was threatening to come out. He’s been involved in an illicit sexual encounter after a night of drinking. Not only was he trying to keep the target list a secret, but he needed to cover up his own secrets.

While at the hotel where the target list was supposed to be handed over, Hanna is caught in the middle of a gunfight. Fortunately, Marissa turns up just at the right time. However, Hanna realizes that the woman who saved Marissa is working for John and Utrax. Of course, it was all a trap knowing that Marissa would head straight for Hanna.

Marissa and Hanna team up, although they have to split up to save themselves. Don’t worry; this isn’t the end for either of them.

Hanna Season 2 — Courtesy of Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video

Sandy realizes where Clara is

It doesn’t take long for Sandy to realize where Clare has likely taken Kat. In an earlier episode, a girl from Spain mentioned that houses in the hills were owned by Americans and the British. They’d only be used a short while during the summer and left empty at all other times of the year.

With the houses empty, it makes sense for them to head there.

That’s where they have gone. However, there’s someone else in one of the houses, who Clara ties up. While Clara is checking on an email from her mom (who has replied and wants to meet in Morocco), the man tells Kat to set off the silent alarm. That’s exactly what Kat does, sending Utrax to the house.

Clara convinces Kat to run with her to protect herself. Leo and others aren’t going to let Kat live.

During a fight, Clara and Leo fall in the swimming pool. John shoots, accidentally killing Leo. Just as it looks like Clara is going to be killed, Hanna shoots the woman who had “saved” Marissa in the head and then shoots John in the arm. Marissa also comes in to help save the day.

John isn’t killed, though. As Clara and Hanna get Kat to safety, Marissa reveals everything she knows about John. He’s going to help her bring change to Utrax. Clara and Hanna will be allowed to go free and she’s going to take full control of the girls. It’s time to change what they’re being used for.

Clara and Hanna part ways

Of course, Marissa’s plan to take Clara with her doesn’t work out in the Hanna Season 2 finale. Clara wants to go find her mom. Hanna understands this and passes the Canadian passport Marissa had made. Clara will be able to travel secretly under this new identity because Utrax doesn’t know it.

Clara heads to Morocco, where her mom is waiting. The two hug, and it’s clear that this is all Clara has wanted from the beginning of this season.

Meanwhile, Hanna (who tells Clara never to look for her again) heads back to the house to find Marissa and John talking. Hanna shares that Clara isn’t with her, but Marissa doesn’t argue back about that. Clara is safe. At least for now.

As for Hanna and Marissa, they have some work to do. It’s certainly left plenty open for Hanna Season 3.

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