Hanna Season 2, Episode 6 recap: The first mission

Hanna and Jules are on their first mission together on Hanna Season 2, Episode 6

It’s time for a mission. Hanna and Jules head on a mission to London while Sandy and Clara go to Barcelona. Here’s everything that happened on Hanna Season 2, Episode 6.

The initial part of the episode is Hanna settling in at The Meadows. Sandy writes to her “mom” about how Mia is fitting in well. She’s become part of the family, but it’s clear that John and others aren’t all that convinced.

When John and Leo find out that someone is threatening to leak information about Utrax to the world, they need to put a stop to it. That leads to the decision to send individuals on their missions.

Hanna and Jules team up

Hanna and Jules are called into John’s office. They need to head off on a mission to London. Both will set off individually but need to connect with each other while there. The mission is to get to one of those involved in leaking the information, an investigative journalist.

While on the mission, Hanna overhears what the investigative journalist wants to do. She is also approached by another member of the team wanting to leak the information. Jules sees Hanna talking with the enemy and tells Leo that there’s a problem.

Leo and Jules arrange for Hanna to get on a tube with two people tasked to take her out. Jules and Leo take out the investigative journalist and the friend that got in touch with Hanna. However, we know Hanna, and she overpowers the two sent to kill her.

Clara and Sandy have a mission of their own

Now that John has managed to decrypt Marissa’s diary, he sends Clara and Sandy to Barcelona for their own missions. They need to take out a diplomat, who turns out to have a connection to John Carmichael and Utrax in the past.

We only get the start of their mission, with Sandy effortlessly connecting with the target’s daughter and friend. Will Clara get cold feet the way Hanna did?

This was mostly a bridge episode, setting us up for the final story arc. There are just two episodes left to go after this. Will Hanna be able to take down Utrax? Will she get to Marissa, who is still imprisoned by the end of this episode.

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