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My Spy -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
My Spy -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Prime members can watch My Spy on Amazon Prime Video for free

Sometimes, you just want a comedy that is designed to entertain. You don’t want to spend time thinking deeply about character development and events. My Spy offers you the escape this weekend.

The movie is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. You can watch for free with your Prime membership.

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Starring Dave Bautista and Chloe Coleman, the movie was originally set for theaters in March but was pushed back to April due to the coronavirus pandemic. When that dragged, Amazon Prime Video acquired the rights to stream the movie.

Just a fun spy comedy

There’s nothing groundbreaking about My Spy, but that’s not a problem. After all, there are times you want to sit back and just watch a movie for pure enjoyment. That’s what you’ll get from this.

Bautista plays a CIA agent who is found out by a nine-year-old girl (Coleman). In exchange for not telling everyone about who he is, she wants to learn how to be a spy.

It’s one of those feel-good movies. Our young rocket soon teachers the hardened CIA agent a few things about being a people person. It’s a cute movie and something good for a Friday night in.

My Spy hasn’t performed that well with the critics and audiences on Rotten Tomatoes. It holds a 48% score from the critics and 61% score from the audiences. You’ll want to check it out for yourself to see if it’s for you. At least there’s no financial risk.

Check out the trailer for My Spy below:

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My Spy is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.