Pennyworth Season 1 is heading to DVD and Blu-ray in June

Rewatch all episodes of Pennyworth Season 1 on DVD and Blu-ray soon

You know what Alfred did as Batman’s butler. However, there’s a story long before he even knew the Waynes. There’s a story of how he became part of the Wayne staff. You can find it out on Pennyworth Season 1.

The first season was hugely successful for EPIX during 2019. It does have a second season confirmed. But what if you missed the first season? What if you’ve been waiting for the DVD and Blu-ray release? Well, there isn’t long to wait.

Pennyworth Season 1 is heading to DVD and Blu-ray on June 23, 2020. Yes, that’s in just a few short weeks.

The series is well worth checking out for those who wondered about the earlier life of Alfred Pennyworth. This tells the story of him going from SAS soldier to bodyguard to Tom Wayne.

Pre-order Pennyworth Season 1 on DVD and Blu-ray

You can already pre-order the DVD boxset in either form through Amazon. With the pre-order, you’ll land the Price Guarantee, so you only pay whatever the lowest price is up to the release date.

If you order with Amazon Prime, you’ll grab the two-day free delivery. In some cases, this can mean the order is mailed out the day before the release so you get it on the day.

It’s not entirely clear what all the bonus features are right now. Usually, there are deleted scenes and gag reels, which I could imagine being extremely hilarious considering the action sequences throughout the show—someone had to get something wrong!

For those who just can’t wait for the DVD and Blu-ray release, you can already get the episodes on Digital. They’re available with a Season Pass through Amazon Video or you can sign up to EPIX through Amazon Channels to watch that way.

There are only four episodes to this series. It’s a great, quick binge-watch.

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Pennyworth Season 1 is out on DVD and Blu-ray on June 23, 2020.