Now streaming: Little Fires Everywhere is now on Amazon Prime Video Canada

Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu, photo courtesy Hulu
Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu, photo courtesy Hulu /

Canadian viewers can now check out all eight episodes of Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere. Here’s everything you need to know going into it.

Canadian fans who loved the book and have been excited about the TV series can rejoice. Little Fires Everywhere is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video Canada. All eight episodes are available to binge-watch.

The series is based on the novel of the same name by Celeste Ng. Set in 1997, the book takes us through the lives of Eleanor Richardson and Mia Warren. Both find themselves in the same town but with very different outlooks on life.

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Eleanor is a wealthy white woman in a mostly-white area. She has good friends and has four children she’s trying to raise with her own view on life. Of course, that doesn’t mean her world is perfect. There’s a backstory about post-natal depression and a lost love, while in the present day, she’s struggling to parent her youngest child.

Meanwhile, Mia Warren is a black single mother who moves around from town to town. Her daughter, Pearl, would love to stay in one place, but eventually finds out the secret about why they move so much. Mia is running from shame and from a past that she’d love to avoid talking about.

Mixed within the series is a fight for one family to keep custody of their child. The child’s birth mother has stepped into the picture looking to claim her child back. Who will the judge rule in favor of in the end?

If you’ve read the novel, Little Fires Everywhere is a no-brainer. There are some changes, especially at the end, but it’s an interesting adaptation that brings the characters to life. Those who haven’t read the novel won’t need to read it to understand the story. It’s an excellent limited series that leaves you wanting more.

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Little Fires Everywhere is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video Canada.