Inspector Gamache book series in the works at Amazon Studios

Amazon Studios has greenlit a project based on the Inspector Gamache books with The Crown producers.

If in doubt, work on a book series project, right? Amazon Studios is picking up a number of book series adaptations, and the latest is based on the Inspector Gamache books by Louise Penny.

The new adaptation will be produced by those behind The Crown. Left Bank Productions has picked up the project, which will be titled Three Pines, according to an exclusive report from Deadline.

This is a slight diversion from The Crown. First of all, it’s an entirely fictional series. Second of all, it’s a crime series. However, it’s not like Left Bank is going in without anyone with experience. Law & Order: UK writer, Emilia di Girolamo, is attached to the project. The Crown director Sam Donovan will be the lead director on four of the episodes.

The Inspector Gamache novels are set in a fictional village in Quebec. The crime-solver spends time digging up buried secrets within the town, which bring up his own ghosts at the same time. Due to his upbringing in Cambridge, England, he speaks with an English accent despite those around him having a French-Canadian one. It’s just one of his many quirks eloquently described in the novels.

Author Louise Penny has penned 14 novels in the Inspector Gamache series so far. The first was Still Life in 2005 and the most recent was released in 2019 titled A Better Man. She has won four Agatha Christie awards so far for her books layering the mysteries with no sex, gratuitous violence, and gore. It’s not easy in the crime thriller setting.

This isn’t the first time the novels have been adapted. In 2013, Canada’s network CBC adapted the first novel into a TV movie. Will the TV series on Amazon work better?

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