Now streaming: Poldark Season 5 is now on Amazon Prime Video

Poldark Season 5 -- Courtesy of PBS -- Acquired via PBS Press Room
Poldark Season 5 -- Courtesy of PBS -- Acquired via PBS Press Room /

You’ve been able to watch the final season of Poldark with PBS Passport. Now it’s time to watch Poldark Season 5 on Amazon Prime Video.

There are chances you grabbed PBS Passport so you could stream Poldark Season 5 live while it aired. Now you can relive it without the extra subscription. The final season is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Poldark Season 5 is the confirmed final season. While fans of the novels know that there was more content to adapt, the show decided to avoid the time jump. The show wraps up Ross and Demelza’s story, while the rest of the novels continue the tale with the children.

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During the fifth season, the Poldarks just want a life of peace. Of course, that just can’t happen when it comes to Ross. When his old Army colonel, Ned Despard, looks for help, Ross can’t help but offer it. He heads to London, where people are filled with paranoia and spreading conspiracy theories.

Yet, Ross takes it upon himself to figure out why Ned has been imprisoned. This is all just the first episode, and there are seven more after this. There’s certainly a journey for everyone to take throughout the final season.

Before now, you’ve had to get PBS Passport through Amazon Channels to watch the fifth and final season. That’s not the case anymore. Poldark Season 5 joins the previous four seasons to become available with just your Prime membership. You’re rewatching the entire series, right?

Check out the trailer for Poldark Season 5 below:

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Poldark Season 5 is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.