Now streaming: The Great is available on Amazon Prime Video Canada

Pictured: S1 Episode 103 ‘And you Sir, are no Peter the Great’ of THE GREAT - Courtesy of Hulu
Pictured: S1 Episode 103 ‘And you Sir, are no Peter the Great’ of THE GREAT - Courtesy of Hulu /

The Great is now streaming in full on Amazon Prime Video Canada.

We’re all in need of some good entertainment. Some want drama, but others want satirical comedy. Those looking for the latter are in luck, as Amazon Prime Video Canada has released The Great.

For those in the U.S., you can turn your attention to Hulu. This is a Hulu Original in the States but an international Prime Original. However, you’re watching, it’s just good fun!

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The Great stars Elle Fanning as Russia’s Catherine the Great. Set in 18th century Russia, the show follows the early life of the monarch. It all starts with her Prussian upbringing. When she finds out she’s set to marry the Russian emperor, she thinks her prayers have been answered. Imagining love and loyalty, she gets excited for her journey to a new country.

However, she soon realizes that life isn’t like the fairy tales. She finds herself in a dangerous place with a scary husband. Now she needs to take control of the country, but that means getting a court that’s loyal to her and finding a way to kill her husband. Simple, right?

Don’t expect The Great to give you a history lesson. While there are the odd elements that are based on fact, the majority of the series is purely for entertainment. Those who loved The Favourite for the satirical comedy will adore this Hulu/Prime Original.

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All 10 episodes are now available. You can binge-watch to your heart’s content. It’s certainly worth it.

Check out the trailer for The Great on Amazon Prime Video Canada.

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The Great is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video internationally.