Now streaming: Seberg is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video

Kristen Stewart stars in SEBERG. Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Kristen Stewart stars in SEBERG. Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

Are you looking for a new movie to watch this weekend? Amazon Prime Video has you covered. You can now stream Seberg with Kristen Stewart.

For those looking for a good movie to watch this weekend, look no further than Amazon Prime Video. Kristen Stewart’s Seberg is now streaming on the service.

The Amazon Original movie is based on the life of the 1960s actress, Jean Seberg. Not only known for her acting, Seberg was also a strong supporter of civil rights. Her relationship with Black Panther activist Hakim Jamal led to the FBI keeping a close eye on her.

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That’s what this movie focuses on. You see, the close eye led to phone tapping and spying. Jean felt like she couldn’t do anything without being watched or listened to. That led to a decline in her mental health as you would expect. The intrusion from the FBI had an effect on the rest of Jean’s life.

Kristen Stewart stars as the leading lady, and it’s a role that she has been widely praised for. While the movie hasn’t gained great reviews from critics, audiences have viewed it a little more favorably. It’s also simply worth the watch just to get to know more about the actress and the time period.

The problem for the critics is in the writing. It is slightly superficial. However, it’s an excellent start for those interested in learning more about the 1960s icon.

Check out the trailer for Seberg below:

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Seberg is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.