Upload Season 1 finale recap: Explaining the ending

Upload -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Upload -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Anyone else left with major questions after the Upload Season 1 finale? Here’s a recap of the events and an explanation for that ending.

While some questions were answers, the Upload Season 1 finale left us with many new questions. The murder mystery also wasn’t quite solved. In fact, we were left with a new person in grave danger. Here’s a look back at the events of the finale with an explanation for the ending.

We start with the residents of Lake View waking up after their update. Nathan gets his memories back, which includes a conversation with Ingrid’s father. Ingrid’s dad wanted to buy the code but Jamie didn’t want to sell it. However, Nathan is willing to sell a copy of it for the right price.

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Feeling bad about what he was willing to do, Nathan decides to pretend that he didn’t remember Nora. Naturally, Nora is upset but once she gets over that, she decides to check out Nathan’s restored memories. She’s upset that Nathan was willing to sell out his best friend.

It doesn’t really matter, though. Nathan head to his 2gb room, where someone advises him not to think too much. However, he decides to ring Nora and use up his data. He admits that he remembers her but was embarrassed. Nora is clearly angry about the type of man Nathan turned out to be.

Before they can really cover too much ground, someone breaks into Nora’s apartment while she’s VRing with Nathan. She’s only alerted because he opens her front door. Nathan sees some of the attack through the computer but Nora rushes out of the window and starts running.

Nathan uses the coding tool to hack into the CCTV to help Nora and helps her escape the man. He also uses this hack to kill the man in the elevator of a building.

For now, Nora is safe, but it’s not going to stay that way. On top of that, Nathan has used most of his 2gb to make a few calls.

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After telling her dad about the attack, she calls Nathan to tell him that he isn’t the bad guy and they need to uncover the conspiracy. She also tells Nathan she loves him, but Nathan can’t say anything. His data is used up and he’s frozen. However, Nora may believe that Nathan is ignoring her, not realizing that he used up all his data so quickly.

As Nora leads town with Bryon, Ingrid visits Nathan and gives him an extra gig of data. She tells him that she uploaded for him. Understandably, Nathan is angry, using up all his data within seconds.

And that’s where we’re left. Nathan is frozen, Ingrid has uploaded, Nora is in danger, and it’s clear that Nathan was willing to sell the code for his family but Jamie doesn’t seem to know that. There are plenty of questions for the second season.

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What questions do you have for Upload Season 2? What did you think of the Upload Season 1 finale? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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