Upload Season 1, Episode 5 recap: A trip to the Grey Market

Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

Nathan took a trip to the Grey Market on Upload Season 1, Episode 5. What could possibly go wrong? Here’s a recap of the events.

During Upload Season 1, Episode 5, Nathan takes a trip to the Grey Market with Luke and Dylan. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right? It’s time for a recap of the events from the episode.

It all starts with Nathan and Ingrid trying to deal with couples therapy. That goes as well as you would likely expect when Ingrid clearly wants to control everything Nathan does. However, that’s not the main focus for the episode.

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The main focus is about Dylan, who is struggling with life as a child. He wants his parents to upgrade him to be an adult. Of course, they’re not ready to let their little boy go. It’s hard for them, but it’s also extremely hard for a child who is turning 19.

It’s not all that surprising that when Luke suggests they all head to the Grey Market so they can get a hack to head to a place where real people go for a virtual rave that Dylan is more than on board. He could get a hack for an upgrade. With Nathan babysitting, he’s the one with the final say, and he does agree to everyone heading to the Grey Market.

How do they get to the Grey Market? They have to head through a glitch in the hedge, which the A.I. isn’t happy about. However, the trio only has an hour to get what they need and come back. Of course, they cut it fine, but Luke gets the hack he needs and Dylan gets his upgrade. Well, he thinks he does.

It turns out that Dylan’s upgrade makes him an adult female. Oops!

While all this is happening, Nora is in the hospital with her dad. She gets the chance to talk to a doctor about the Upload machinery. Can it damage memories? Oh no! It’s not the machine that’s a problem at all. So, why have Nathan’s memories been erased and damaged? The mystery continues.

Nora isn’t the only one working out the mystery. Fran is on her way to visit Josh. Just as she spots something strange in a photo, her car blacks out and throws her into the sea. Someone wants to make sure Nathan’s murder remains covered up, but who?

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