Upload Season 1, Episode 4 recap: The two-gig floor

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After dealing with the aftermath of his funeral, Ingrid and Nathan do an interview about their love. Here are the events from Upload Season 1, Episode 4.

Nathan and Ingrid do an interview about their relationship, which leads to the talk of intimacy. Meanwhile, Fran’s investigation leads to a clue. Here’s a look at the events from Upload Season 1, Episode 4.

We start with Nathan still struggling to deal with life at Lake View. His problem is that he can’t work. He just wanders around and has nothing to really do. Nora needs to find him a way to be grateful for what he does have, so she takes Nathan to the two-gig floor.

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This two-gig floor is for those who don’t have the unlimited data plan. They get a whole two-gigs per month, and once that data is gone, they are frozen until the next month. And on top of that, they get just the free samples of everything. They’ll need to pay extra for that, and they don’t have the money for it.

Nathan feels like he has a cause to fight for. He wants to make the world better for these people in the afterlife. It links back to the digital afterlife he was trying to create.

However, his time on the two-gig floor is interrupted by Ingrid. He promised to do an interview to talk about their relationship, which leads to a discussion about sex. The only way they can be intimate is through one of the suits that Ingrid was turned off by, but she wants to spend time with her boyfriend.

When they do get to spend the night together, Nathan struggles to perform. Nora is the one who steps in to save the day (although neither she or Nathan want her to). It’s clear the two have far more chemistry than Nathan has with Ingrid, but a relationship between client and Angel is forbidden. Plus, it’s impractical.

Things look like they stand a chance for the two of them. That would be if Fran wasn’t still getting on with her investigation. She heads to the convenience store Nathan went to before his accident for the security footage. It’s not hard to get it, possibly by saying she’s a part-time private investigator or because the store owner doesn’t care, and that’s when Fran finds out something incriminating. Ingrid tampered with Nathan’s car the night he died.

It’s an important episode for Nathan’s development, especially his connection to Nora. However, it’s also an important step in the murder mystery storyline. Why would Ingrid tamper with his car? Is she the one that ultimately killed him?

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