Upload Season 1, Episode 2 recap: Can Nora get five stars?

Upload season 1- Courtesy of Katie Yu/Amazon Studios
Upload season 1- Courtesy of Katie Yu/Amazon Studios /

Upload Season 1, Episode 2 saw Nora on a venture to get her rating up. Would Nathan be able to help? Here’s a recap of the events.

After initially getting to know the digital afterlife and the characters during the Upload series premiere, we get deeper into their stories during the second episode. It’s time to look at the events and the continuation of this murder mystery.

It all starts with Nora hooking up with some guy on a dating app. Technology has gone to the point where they give consent and Nora is pushed into giving the guy five stars afterward. He doesn’t uphold his end of the deal because he views her as needy. Honestly, the guy is just a jerk and technology makes that worse!

Getting five stars elsewhere

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However, that’s just the start of Nora’s plight throughout the episode. While her dad doesn’t want it, she wants to get him into Lake View with her employee discount. She needs her boss, Lucy, to sign off on it. Of course, Lucy hates Nora and refuses to unless Nora can get a 4.6-star average at work.

And so starts Nora’s journey to help as many of her charges as possible. Nathan, who is still adjusting to things, tries to help. He realizes that she needs some five-star ratings to boost her numbers, so he decides to give her five-stars for seemingly no reason. Is it against the rules? Nobody really answers that, but it’s a way to show Nathan’s kindness and his connection to Nora.

Nathan gets therapy

One thing that is fun is seeing Nathan’s therapy session. After trying to throw himself in the Data Torrent, he has mandatory therapy. It involves animals, but not just to stroke.

The animal talks. Well, the digital animal is used as a device for a therapist to help Nathan talk things out.

Nathan realizes that he resents the afterlife a little. He had freedom and was gaining a life that he loved. The car crash brought that to an end, and he can’t really accept that. He heads out on a mission to talk to five other uploads to get perspective, which is where he meets a young boy who has been in the afterlife for a few years. The young boy gives us that reminder that the digital afterlife may not be all that great as the years go on. People in life move forward and get older.

Upload — Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Upload — Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Getting into the murder mystery

In real life, we meet a woman, Fran Booth, who is investigating the car accident. Nathan’s family wants to find out the truth, clearly feeling like something isn’t right.

The car has no memory of the night the crash happened, which shouldn’t be possible. On top of that, the car doesn’t believe there is any damage to report. The dashcam recordings from the night have gone, which further hint that Nathan was murdered.

Why would someone want him dead? When Nathan mentions to David Choke of the Choke Brothers, who co-run a major company and helped influence American politics in this world, that he and his friend wrote a program to allow people to upload themselves to a free afterlife, David comments that Nathan was murdered.

That brings us back to the memories that were damaged. Nora manages to restore some, which are definitely linked to the program. One person at a company that they pitched to sees Nathan and Jamie in secret, telling them not to take the freeware pitch to anyone else—and don’t tell anyone else. Who in this company is responsible?

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Who do you think murdered Nathan? What did you think of Nora’s mission to get five stars? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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