What are the five factions in Selah and the Spades?

Lovie Simone stars in SELAH AND THE SPADESPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Lovie Simone stars in SELAH AND THE SPADESPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

Selah and the Spades gave us a movie about the underbelly of a prestigious boarding school. There are five factions, but what are they?

Selah and the Spades brought a story of a prestigious boarding school run by five factions. We knew all about one of them going into the movie, but what about the other four? It’s time to delve into the five different factions.

There aren’t many spoilers in this movie. However, we do get into details that weren’t shared during the promotion of the movie.

The Spades run the school

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There’s one faction that needs no introduction at all. The Spades run the school, and the faction is led by our titular character, Selah. The way the Spades run is through having the most valuable items, including the big drugs.

While working in illegal activity, the Spades will also help you push yourself out of your comfort zone. They view this as a good thing, which in a way, it could be.

Run by women, it shouldn’t be too surprising to find out that they are fed up of the patriarchy.

The Sea are the teachers’ pets

When you need a teachers’ pet, you’ll want to look at The Sea. This faction is run by Tarit, but the teachers’ pets aren’t as innocent as you’d think. They’ve gone rogue when petty cash is involved.

The Sea will get you everything you need. One of the biggest things for the kids at school is the ability to cheat on a test. You’ve got the money, right?


The Skins are all about gambling

When it comes to making bets on football games, basketball games, and more, you want to turn to The Skins on Selah and the Spades. Amber runs the faction, and she isn’t one for an easy time.

Think of Amber as some type of casino boss. If you don’t pay your gambling debts, she and her faction will come after you. This is not a faction you want to get on the wrong side of.

The Bobbies are ready to party

Need to take a break from studying? Of course you do! However, anyone who has been to boarding school will know that there are only certain people who will throw a party. That’s where The Bobbies come into play.

Run by Bobby, the faction will throw some of the best parties post-curfew. Actually, the faction is responsible for all parties after curfew. Other factions certainly get involved in providing some of the fun, mainly The Spades, but the party locations and times are all set by Bobby and her crew.

The Prefects for cover

How could any of this all happy without the teachers finding out? Well, you can thank The Prefects for that. Thomas Richard Thomas, aka Two Tom, runs this faction. He will make sure the teachers always look the other way to allow all factions to get on with their jobs.

Without The Prefects, nothing could run the way it could. While The Spades control the school, they know that they need Two Tom and his gang.

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