Trolls 3: Will Trolls get another sequel?

Trolls World Tour, photo courtesy Universal Pictures
Trolls World Tour, photo courtesy Universal Pictures /

Trolls World Tour has been a success in its unusual release. Are there plans to bring another sequel? Should Trolls 3 happen in the future?

Trolls World Tour was the Trolls sequel we didn’t realize we needed. It was fun and expanded the universe in a way we could only imagine. And now eyes are on the chances of another sequel movie. Will Trolls 3 happen?

The sequel certainly got an unusual release. When the coronavirus pandemic shut down theaters, the majority of studios opted to move their release dates. Universal decided to try something different. Instead of pushing the release, it was brought to VOD right away. People have been able to rent World Tour on various streaming platforms, bringing the movie experience to their homes.

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And it has certainly been a success. Sure, there are people questioning the costs—it’s still much cheaper than a trip to the cinemas—but CBC News shares that the sequel scored a record at the streaming “box office.” FandangoNow says that the release gave the platform its best weekend ever, and the movie quickly moved to the No. 1 spot on all Digital platforms.

Will it change the way movies are released? Most likely not. Universal Pictures and other studios aren’t showing any signs of changing the 90-day exclusivity window for cinemas. That window is arguably needed to keep the movie business running the way it needs to. However, we could see some studios opt for a change if they don’t think the movies will perform well in the theaters.

But more importantly, what about Trolls 3? Could we see another sequel to the franchise? Considering the success on Digital, it’s possible. Kids and parents love the movie. While Trolls World Tour wasn’t as good as the first movie, there was plenty happening, some great songs, and excellent lessons for children.

Plus, there are a lot of questions about the world. Most importantly, we wanted to know where the Bergens were after the ending to the first movie. We got just a glimpse of them during Trolls World Tour, and hopefully, Trolls 3 will bring a chance to see them once more. Maybe there could even be a spin-off focused on the Bergens now, in a way that Despicable Me and Madagascar brought spin-offs with the Minions and the penguins.

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Do you think a third movie is needed? Would you like more from the franchise for your kids? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Trolls World Tour is available to rent on Amazon Video. Stay tuned for information about Trolls 3.