When is Trolls World Tour coming to DVD and Blu-ray?

Trolls World Tour, photo courtesy Universal Pictures
Trolls World Tour, photo courtesy Universal Pictures /

When will Trolls World Tour come to DVD and Blu-ray? That’s something many of you want to know, but is it possible to predict this release?

Trolls World Tour was released on April 10 in a unique way. Due to theater closures around the world, Universal opted to release the movie for the home. Fans are able to rent the Trolls sequel. This is great news, but now many still want to know when Trolls World Tour will come to DVD and Blu-ray.

It’s much harder than normal to predict the release date. Usually, movies get a 90-day theatrical release. This exclusive window ensures that movie theaters remain viable. After all, if you could buy or rent online right away, would you really spend the fortune that it costs to go to the movie theaters?

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However, theaters aren’t open right now. The studios that chose to keep their releases during this time will need to make the money back somehow and an earlier DVD release than normal could be possible. Usually, we wouldn’t expect to see Trolls World Tour on DVD until the middle of July.

The movies released in March are heading to DVD about a month earlier, getting May releases. We could see Trolls 2 on DVD and Blu-ray in June 2020 to continue that new pattern.

It’s worth noting that Universal is seeing positivity with making movies available to rent. Families around the world quickly rented Trolls 2 over the weekend. This could encourage Universal to keep the three-month wait for the DVD release. We’ll bring you the Trolls World Tour DVD release date as soon as we know it.

This is a cute movie for kids. Mine loved it over the weekend, although I will admit that the first is stronger when it comes to the music—and I say that as a fan of rock and metal! There just wasn’t enough music in this movie, but the lessons in the story are excellent for children (and some adults!) to learn.

Check out the trailer for Trolls World Tour:

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Trolls World Tour is currently available to rent on Amazon Video, iTunes, and more.