10 biggest questions for Tales from the Loop Season 2

Photo: Tales from the Loop - Credit: Jan Thijs - Courtesy of Amazon Studios/EPK TV
Photo: Tales from the Loop - Credit: Jan Thijs - Courtesy of Amazon Studios/EPK TV /
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Tales from the Loop
Tales from the Loop — Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

10. Will The Loop be explained?

We know that everything was controlled by The Loop. This was the thing that made time travel, time loops, and even body switching possible. It was the reason the science fiction elements in the town had become a reality.

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It seemed like everyone just accepted The Loop for what it was. Rather than questioning it, people just accepted that things usually in TV shows and movies could become a reality.

However, there’s clearly a story behind The Loop. In the parallel dimension, Gaddis #2 explained that their Loop had shut down years ago. Was there a moment that The Loop could have been shut down? What saved it? And how was it created in the first place?

I admit that one thing I liked about the show was that we didn’t get bogged down with the “how.” Yet, in the second season, I’d like to see a story involving Russ and creating The Loop.

9. What will Gaddis do in the alternate world?

We left Gaddis #1 in the alternate world. He’d left the home with Gaddis #2 and Alex and decided to just figure out what he was going to do next. This was how he met Kent of this world and quickly got to know more about him than he did in his own world.

Great, but there are a lot of questions here. We see Gaddis and Kent talking at the end, connecting over being birders. Yet, Gaddis doesn’t belong in that world. He has no money, job, or home. How is he going to explain something like that to Kent?

What will he do next? I need to go back to Gaddis to see where he is in, say, a month’s time.