Selah and the Spades heading to Amazon Prime Video in April 2020

Lovie Simone stars in SELAH AND THE SPADESPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Lovie Simone stars in SELAH AND THE SPADESPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

April is setting up to be a strong month for new movies heading to Amazon Prime Video. Selah and the Spades is the newest confirmed arrival in April.

If you’re looking for something to watch, you’ll want to pay attention to the Amazon Prime Video releases in April. With Tales from the Loop and Bosch Season 6 already confirmed, we’re getting even more Originals heading our way. Selah and the Spades is the latest addition to the service.

Coming on Apr. 17, Selah and the Spades will focus on Haldwell, an elite bording school in Pennsylvania. As you would expect, factions within the student body runs the school, and 17-year-old Selah Summers is the head of the Spades, the school’s most dominant group.

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The Spades offer everything the school could need, including illegal alcohol and pills. It’s no wonder everyone wants to be in with them. However, tensions between the factions escalate, and it could lead to Selah’s group being knocked off the top spot. It doesn’t help that Selah’s right-hand man, Mazzie, is distracted with a new love.

To counter her best friend not helping too much, Selah turns to Paloma, a sophomore who shows promise to run the group. Things soon take a sinister turn.

Lovie Simone, Jharrel Jermone, and Celeste O’Connor star in Selah and the Spades. It marks Tayarisha Poe’s feature debut as both writer and director. It’s certainly going to be a fun ride for those who love the likes of Bring It On and other teen dramas.

There’s an interesting clip from Selah and the Spades to give you an idea of what to expect. One of the issues with being a 17-year-old girl is everyone telling you what to do, how to wear your clothes, and how to wear your skin. The Spades are taking back that control:

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Selah and the Spades is heading to Amazon Prime Video on Apr. 17, 2020.