Will more movies head to Amazon Video and other VOD platforms early?

The Way Back movie, photo credit: Richard Foreman: Courtesy Warner Bros.
The Way Back movie, photo credit: Richard Foreman: Courtesy Warner Bros. /

The Invisible Man, The Way Back, and Onward are on the list of movies heading to Amazon Video and VOD early. Will this happen to more movies?

With many movies getting early VOD release, there are questions about more that could happen. With The Invisible ManThe Way Back, and now Onward getting early release dates, will we see more heading to Amazon Video and VOD platforms soon?

This is hard to assess. Studios don’t want to affect the 90-day theatrical window long term. This will have a knock-on effect everywhere. It could see movie theaters shutting down, as well as movies not making their budgets back. This could lead to fewer movies being made or the quality suffering.

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So, in the long-term, the early Amazon Video releases just aren’t feasible. But what about right now? What about while we’re all stuck at home and movie theaters are closed anyway?

A lot of movie release dates have been pushed. One of the most recent was Minions: The Rise of Gru, which was set for a summer release date. Production studios aren’t sure how long the current situation is going to last. With movies not being released in theaters, they’re not going to be released early on VOD.

However, those that were coming to VOD soon could see an earlier release. The Way Back and Onward are the two most recent movies heading to VOD early. For some distribution studios, the release is only going to be to rent. For others, you’ll be able to purchase the movies on Digital.

This is going to be done on a case by case basis. Something you’ll note is that most DVD and Blu-ray release confirmations don’t have an Amazon Video release. This could suggest that distributing studios are looking into early release options but it will depend on the length of time the current situation lasts.

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