Bloodshot is coming early to Amazon Video to deal with movie theater shutdowns

Photo: Bloodshot.. Image Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment
Photo: Bloodshot.. Image Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment /

As movie theaters around North America shut down, Sony is finding a way to deal with the loss at the box office. Bloodshot is coming to Digital early.

If you were hoping to see Bloodshot in theaters, you’re not alone. There were many who wanted to check out Vin Diesel’s latest flick but the shutdown of theaters across North America has made that impossible. Well, it’s only impossible for the time being. Sony is working around it.

Viewers will get the chance to own Bloodshot on Digital earlier than planned. This is for purchase and not for rent, which has been the deal with The Invisible Man and other Universal releases. It means once you have it, you can keep it. At least, that’s what Deadline is reporting.

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This isn’t going to bring a change to the DVD and Blu-ray date. It sounds like that is still expected to be three months after the theatrical release date. And that makes sense right now. A lot of businesses have shut down amid the coronavirus outbreak to protect employees and customers.

So, those who want to watch Bloodshot will be able to purchase it on Amazon Video and other Digital retailers from Mar. 24. It’s later than the Universal releases but it’s positive news for those who were disappointed at the lack of release.

Don’t expect this to change the way movie releases will work for Sony. Unlike Universal, which plans to release Trolls 2 on Digital at the same time as in theaters, Sony wants to respect the theatrical window. This is an exclusive window, usually for 90 days, and has a huge affect on the amount of money a film makes back to justify high budgets.

The release is in the U.S. for now, but an international plan is being put in motion. After all, most countries around the world are dealing with shutdowns of theaters.

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Bloodshot is heading to Digital on Mar. 24.