50 best TV shows on Amazon Prime Video: The Hunters joins the list

Hunters -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Hunters -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

The Hunters debuted on Amazon Prime Video on Feb. 21. While it has received mixed reviews, it is a show that belongs on the list of 50 best shows on Prime.

There was always going to be complaints about The Hunters. However, despite some of the negative reviews, the series is horrifying and entertaining all at the same time. It leaves you needing more, and there’s no way that it couldn’t make it to the list of 50 best TV shows on Amazon Prime Video.

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Why does The Hunters belong on here when it dramatizes some extremely real and horrifying events? Part of it is because it continues to bring the focus of the concentration camps to the forefront of TV. As the world moves forward, many are forgetting the events that happened in the concentration camps. People are forgetting about those who died and those who were tortured.

The Hunters keeps all that in mind. This isn’t about a group of people just looking for revenge for themselves. They’re looking for revenge for those who suffered with or around them. They want to take down the Nazis one by one to stop the Fourth Reich.

The story doesn’t stray from the horrors. While it makes some of the events up, this is done to avoid telling one particular person’s storyline. It avoids being too raw for the family of survivors. Instead, it focuses on the overall horrors while keeping the focus on vengeance and teamwork.

With such a strong cast and Jordan Peele running the show behind the scenes, it always promised to be a great TV show. That’s exactly what it is, mixing comedy and drama together in an entertaining but enlightening way.

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Hunters is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.