50 best movies on Amazon Prime Video: January 2020

Midsommar -- Photo courtesy of A24
Midsommar -- Photo courtesy of A24 /

There are some excellent movies coming to Amazon Prime Video throughout January 2020. Here are the ones that will arrive on the list of best movies.

After catching up with the movies that dropped between October 2019 and December 2019, it’s time to look at the January listings. There are some excellent additions throughout the month, and some have already happened. Which movies will head to the list of 50 best movies on Amazon Prime Video right now?

Before getting into the list of arrivals, you’ll want to check out the current list. Some of the 50 best movies are no longer available to stream with your Prime membership, which is something that will be rectified throughout the course of 2020, starting with this list of new arrivals.

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And there are some big additions. We have some of the 2019 movies like Midsommar and Fighting With My Family, which deserve mentions. But there are also some excellent classic movies that you need to rewatch (or maybe even watch for the first time). My children have just been introduced to The Goonies, which led to a great Saturday evening with them.

There will be 11 movies that make it to the list. However, there will technically only be six places that are taken up. Six Star Trek movies are now available on Amazon Prime Video, but they’ll be collected together in a spot instead of splitting up all six.

Here’s a look at the movies that will be added to the list and the date they were or are released on Amazon Prime Video.

  • Sherlock Holmes (2019): Jan. 1
  • Star Trek: Jan. 1
  • The Goonies: Jan. 1
  • Midsommar: Jan. 10
  • Troop Zero: Jan. 17
  • Fighting With My Family: Jan. 30

Check out the entire list of best movies on Amazon Prime Video:

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Which movies are you excited to head to Amazon Prime Video? Which movies do you think belong on this list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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