Amazon no longer working on The Dark Tower adaptation

Stephen King fans were excited to hear that Amazon was working on a series adaptation of The Dark Tower. Those plans have now been scrapped.

In February 2019, The Dark Tower fans learned that Amazon was planning a series adaptation. Jerome Flynn had even been cast in the series. But now the plans have been shelved, as Amazon is no longer moving forward with the series, deciding to pass on the pilot, according to Deadline.

The Dark Tower was going to be based on the works by Stephen King. It was going to be separate from the 2017 movie of the same name, which was slammed by critics and audiences alike.

It’s not all that surprising the show isn’t happening. Amazon tends to order shows straight to series, so it was immediately concerning when The Dark Tower TV series was only ordered to pilot. Fans immediately had some concerns, sensing apprehension from the top brass.

Apprehension was expected. The Dark Tower series offers more than 1,000 pages of content across eight books. It’s mind-bending and twisty, requiring a lot of time and energy put in to create a TV show that fans will be drawn to. It’s clear that Amazon doesn’t think the show will do Kings’ work justice; that fans won’t want to check out the entire series.

It would require a large budget. Amazon doesn’t want to make a loss, so it’s better to cut the risks with the pilot than move ahead.

There have been a lot of Stephen King adaptations recently. It would have been nice to see The Dark Tower make it to series, but only if it was as great as possible. Maybe in a few years.

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What do you think about Amazon’s decision not to go ahead with The Dark Tower? What do you think is holding creators back? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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