Britannia: Amazon exits as Sky Atlantic renews series for third season

Britannia has been renewed for its third season, but that renewal comes with bad news. Amazon won’t have any part in it.

If you were hoping to see the rest of Britannia on Amazon Prime Video, you’ll be disappointed. Despite Sky Atlantic renewing the series for a third season, Amazon has stepped away from the project.

Sky Atlantic will now look for U.S. partners to bring the British historical fiction to our shores. For now, though, only the first season will be available through Amazon Prime Video. The second season, which premiered in November 2019, isn’t even heading our way, according to Deadline.

It’s not entirely clear why Amazon decided to walk away from the project, but it’s most likely to do with viewer retention. Historical dramas are extremely expensive to run due to the costumes and sets. Britannia would have been no different, set during the Roman invasion of Britannia. The Romans found themselves in a world of the Druids, where the land was run by warrior women.

For those who are interested and will be looking elsewhere when Britannia Season 3 arrives, the season will follow Cait’s journey as the Chosen One. She will become tied to the future of her ravaged land, while General Aulus is under pressure from his wife, who has been taken over by a dark force.

The show has aired on STARZ in the Middle East and on HBO in some European countries. It’s possible that one of these two will license the series. Both have worked a lot in recent years with UK partners, so it would certainly make sense.

What do you hope to see in Britannia Season 3? Where would you like to see the recent two seasons head in the U.S.? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Britannia Season 1 is the only one available on Amazon Prime Video.