Carnival Row Season 1 soundtrack now available to purchase

Carnival Row -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV
Carnival Row -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV /

You’ve seen the show and you fell in love with the music. Now it’s time to own the Carnival Row Season 1 soundtrack at home.

You asked for it, and now you’re getting it. The Carnival Row Season 1 soundtrack is available to purchase.

It includes all the excellent music from the first season. Whether you loved the original theme tune or you fell in love with the love theme, there’s a chance to relive it all. A total of 24 tracks are available on the soundtrack, with all but two created by the excellent Nathan Barr. The other two are from Patty Gurdy, with Kristin Robinson involved in one.

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If you feel like you’ve heard of Nathan Barr before, that’s because you most likely have. He’s worked recently on The House with the Clock in Its Walls. He’s also been involved in composing the music for FlatlinersSneaky PeteTrue Blood, and so much more.

Barr is known for using unique instruments for his projects, depending on the setting. In Carnival Row, he’s used human bone trumpets, a century-old Wurlitzer pipe organ, and even instruments that he’s created himself. They help to create a beautiful and individual sound for his projects, making everything stand out in its own right.

However, Barr nearly didn’t end up working on the project. When he got the email request, he assumed it was spam. Fortunately, he read the full email and took it seriously. Despite many of the creatures being not of this world, Barr managed to capture the heart and natural feeling of the cultures by finding similar themes in the real world.

Carnival Row — Courtesy of Amazon Prime VIdeo
Carnival Row — Courtesy of Amazon Prime VIdeo /

You can now own the soundtrack. With it, you’ll get the following tracks. All were composed by Nathan Barr with the exception of those noted otherwise.

  1. Main Title
  2. The Great War
  3. Sunken Ship
  4. Scripture and a Meal
  5. Master Here
  6. Dark Asher IQ
  7. Chasing Jack
  8. Goodnight Vignette
  9. Like Father Like Daughter
  10. Hope and Weakness
  11. No Cheating Death
  12. March to Mimasery
  13. Friendly Sweep
  14. Sacred Library
  15. Pact Air Raid
  16. Fatherly Familiarity
  17. Imogen and Agreus
  18. Scared of Sophie
  19. The Halfblood
  20. Our Common Enemy
  21. Carnival Row A Cappella
  22. Love Theme A Capella
  23. Lora Lie Lo, composed/performed by Patty Gurdy and written by Kristin Robinson
  24. Grieve No More, written and performed by Patty Gurdy

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What did you think of the music from Carnival Row Season 1? Which was your favorite tune? Share in the comments below.

Carnival Row Season 1’s soundtrack is available from Amazon right now.