What time is One Child Nation streaming on Amazon Prime Video?

One Child Nation -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via Ginsberg Libby PR
One Child Nation -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via Ginsberg Libby PR /

One Child Nation will be available at the end of next week. What time can you start streaming the documentary on Amazon Prime Video?

One Child Nation is about to bring you stories from inside China during the one-child policy. For 35 years, families were only allowed one child (two under very special circumstances) as a way to curb the growing birth rate. Now it’s time to find out what that was really like for the families.

The documentary, One Child Nation, will be on Amazon Prime Video at the end of next week. The big question for many is when you can start streaming it. What time will One Child Nation be available on Amazon Prime Video?

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The Amazon Original documentary will drop at midnight GMT. That often means it’s available sooner in North America. Don’t expect the same treat at Jack Ryan last week, which saw it drop a day earlier than expected for all. One Child Nation is likely to be available about 7 p.m. ET or 4 p.m. PT (you get how time zones work, right?) on Thursday, Nov. 7.

In some cases, the drops aren’t exactly on time. It’s hard to tell how Amazon will work. You’ll get the movie by midnight on Nov. 8 in your local area at the very latest. If you really want to check it out right away, I’d suggest checking every hour or so.

One Child Nation doesn’t just go through all the stories that we know of the policy in China. This isn’t just about the horrors of the baby girls left in gutters or illegally aborted during pregnancy. Documentarians Nanfu Wang and Jialing Zhang take us through the ripple effect the social experiement, which ended in 2015, has had on the world now. There’s a look at human rights violations, forced sterilizations and abortions, government abductions and much more.

This is also personal for Wang, as she digs into her own personal life and first-hand accounts from her family members. There’s a look at the propaganda material, as well as the testimonies of victims and perpetrators.

Check out the trailer for One Child Nation below:

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This is a documentary you can’t afford to miss. Stream it as soon as you can, whether you grew up hearing about the policy or you were only aware of it when it ended four years ago.

One Child Nation will be available to stream by midnight on Nov. 8 on Amazon Prime Video. Watch with your 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime.