Vikings Season 6 on Amazon Prime Video UK in December 2019

Vikings -- Photo by Jonathan Hession/HISTORY -- Acquired via A&E Press Site
Vikings -- Photo by Jonathan Hession/HISTORY -- Acquired via A&E Press Site /

Are you waiting impatiently to see how Ivar will work on getting his throne back? It’s coming up soon. Some fans will get Vikings Season 6 in December.

It will soon be time to find out Ivar’s next move now that he’s fled Kattegat. We’ll get a chance to see Bjorn rule what was once his father’s and his mother’s kingdom. Amazon Prime UK fans will only need to wait until December to watch Vikings Season 6.

HISTORY announced earlier this month that the final season of the period series will begin on Wednesday, Dec. 4. While fans in the U.S. and other parts of the world will need to wait for the series to come to Prime Video (and won’t even make it on Prime Video everywhere), fans in the UK have some great news. The deal where the show comes to the UK the day after it airs in the States is still in place.

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Amazon Prime UK fans will get Vikings Season 6 starting Thursday, Dec. 5. You’ll stream it weekly, catching the latest episode the day after new episodes air in the U.S.

Those who haven’t had Prime before will be able to sign up for a 30-day free trial. After that, it costs just £7.99 per month. It’s worth it to see how Vikings will end.

There are 20 episodes left of the series. We’ll get 10 starting in December. Like in previous years, HISTORY will take a break after the first half of the season and the final 10 episodes will air sometime in 2020 or possibly in early 2021. There’s no set date for that just yet.

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Season 6 will pick up shortly after the Seige of Kattegat. Ivar is on the run, taking the time to regroup to find a way to get his kingdom back. Meanwhile, Bjorn will need to prove that he is the better choice.

It will be a two-hour premiere, so there will be two episodes available on the first day.

Check out the trailer for Vikings Season 6:

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What do you hope to see during Season 6? What were your biggest questions after the Season 5 finale? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Vikings Season 6 premieres on Dec. 4 on HISTORY and on Dec. 5 on Amazon Prime UK.