Experience The Expanse at New York Comic-Con 2019

Are you ready to experience a trip on the Rocinante? That’s just what you’ll get to do when you attend The Expanse activation at NYCC 2019.

After success at San Diego Comic-ConThe Expanse is going to be at New York Comic-Con 2019. If you’re at the event, you’ll need to head over to the exciting experience that sees you take a trip on the Rocinante.

This is not an experience The Expanse fans are going to want to miss out on. Fans will become fearless explorers as they step aboard the spaceship and head off on an exciting journey through the Season 4 artwork. It’s an awesome tease of everything to come in the season that drops in December 2019.

You’ll get the opportunity to step on the New Terra or Illus, whatever your allegiance dictates. The photo op at the end if most definitely something you’ll need to share.

Before you head off on your journey, The Expanse ambassadors will be there to give you a briefing. This is a one-way mission, so make sure you share your love for your family and friends, and then take a look at all the flickering screens, authentic props, show references, and Easter eggs throughout the experience. You’ll go deeper into the universe than ever before.

Just take a look at the images of activation at NYCC 2019. Not only do you get a sneak peek of what you’ll experience but you’ll also know what you’re looking out for.

The experience takes place throughout the weekend. This is going to be highly popular though, so you might want to get there first thing in the morning whichever day you attend.

I’ll be sure to bring you a look at the experience from the inside once I’m at NYCC 2019. Also, look out for the panel at New York Comic-Con. Look out for all those details very soon, and check back in for everything that we learned after the panel.

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What do you hope to see in Season 4? Are you ready for the experience at NYCC? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Expanse Season 4 premieres on Dec. 13 on Amazon Prime Video.

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