Now streaming: Late Night and Niko and the Sword of Light

Amazon Prime Video is full of exciting content this weekend. Late Night and Niko and the Sword of Light are two Amazon Originals now streaming.

This weekend is excellent for all, whether you want a good movie to stream or you need something new for the kids. Late Night and Niko and the Sword of Light Season 2B are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Mindy Kaling brings the first Amazon Original to check out. Not only did she write the movie, but she also stars in it, along with Emma Thompson, Hugh Dancy, Denis O’hare, John Lithgow, and Amy Ryan.

Thompson is a late-night talk show host, who has been in the business for 30 years. However, she’s starting to suspect that she’s on the way out. Katherine needs to do something and fast, and what better thing to do than high her first female writer in the writer’s room. She hires Molly, who isn’t just the first woman but also the first person of color on her writing staff.

The two soon learn far more about each other than they could ever imagine. Both polar opposites, they realize that they may have more in common than they ever thought.

Late Night is Certified Fresh, with an 80% approval score on Rotten Tomatoes from the critics. And it’s not just about the critics. Audiences loved it, giving it a 78% approval score.

The second Amazon Original to stream this weekend is Niko and the Sword of Light Season 2B. Parents, you will be happy! Niko, Lyra, and their friends need to get to the Amulet of Power. Nar Est and their other foes are after the same item.

This group of heroes will travel seas and land to reach beyond the realm of the living. Niko needs to discover his true purpose, while also finding a way to get rid of the Darkness forever.

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Late Night and Niko and the Sword of Light are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, free with your Prime membership.