Bosch recruits Preacher star Julie Ann Emery

Julie Ann Emery as Featherstone; group - Preacher _ Season 4 - Photo Credit: Lachlan Moore/AMC/Sony Pictures Television
Julie Ann Emery as Featherstone; group - Preacher _ Season 4 - Photo Credit: Lachlan Moore/AMC/Sony Pictures Television /

Bosch Season 6 just made a major new addition: Julie Ann Emery, currently starring in AMC’s Preacher, will recur in an interesting role.

Amazon’s original series Bosch has added a fantastic actress for its upcoming sixth season. Julie Ann Emery will have a recurring role next season, according to a report from Deadline. She’ll play an FBI agent named Sylvia Reece, who arrives to investigate a murder which puts her on a collision course with Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver).

The actress is a series regular on the AMC series Preacher, which began airing its fourth and final season on Aug. 4. She portrays Lara Featherstone, a ruthless operative for the secret organization known as The Grail, and one of the show’s principal antagonists. New episodes are currently airing Sundays at 10 p.m. on the network, and can also be streamed on Amazon Video.

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Emery will be an outstanding addition to the already impressive Bosch cast. Prior to Preacher, she was a standout as FBI agent Jennifer Sampson in the ABC crime drama Line of Fire, so she can do a role like this well—and most importantly, keep Reece from coming off as the typical smarmy FBI type that often appears in cop shows.

She also adds subtle depth to each of her characters, whether portraying the delightfully obsessed Featherstone in Preacher or the not-so-innocent Betsy Kettleman in the first season of Better Call Saul, to name but two.

With Reece coming into Bosch’s world, it’s almost certain that there will be conflict, and Emery plays incredibly strong women; she’s going to be more than a match for Titus Welliver, which isn’t easy to do.

Wherever she goes, she always adds something different and interesting, so hopefully, that means we’ll see a lot of Julie Ann Emery when Bosch returns. She’s an actress that can make this strong series even more worth watching—and the pairing of her and Welliver is definitely something to get excited about.

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What do you think of Julie Ann Emery joining the cast? What do you hope to see in Bosch Season 6? Share your thoughts below.

The Bosch Season 6 premiere date has yet to be announced.