Why was Patriot canceled after two seasons by Amazon?

PATRIOT -- Photo Credit Stephanie Branchu -- Acquired via EPK.TV
PATRIOT -- Photo Credit Stephanie Branchu -- Acquired via EPK.TV /

After two seasons, Patriot has been canceled by Amazon. Why did the streamer make this decision? Here’s a look at the potential reasons.

July 27 was a sad day for Patriot fans. After two seasons, the show officially came to an end. Just why would Amazon cancel Patriot after two seasons? While a reason wasn’t given, here’s a look at the potential ones.

For streaming services, it’s all a matter of getting people to watch. If a show doesn’t gain or keep its audience then it’s not going to be renewed for subsequent seasons. Unlike primetime TV, the streaming services do have more confirmed data on whether viewers are watching or not. They’ll be able to see the number of times people have clicked to watch, when they have stopped watching, and what those viewers have moved onto.

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It can feel slightly invasive, but this information is important to make sure the money goes into making the right shows. It looks like Patriot wasn’t a show that gained enough viewers to justify keeping.

However, I don’t quite think that was the reason. There was something in the statement about the cancellation that made me question the usual reason for the decision.

Albert Cheng, Amazon Studios’ co-head of TV stated there were no plans for a third season, according to Deadline. For other shows, Amazon made it clear that there wasn’t a future for them. When it comes to Patriot, it sounds like there just wasn’t the right pitch for a third season.

The statement isn’t an outright “we’re done with the show.” It’s a “we’re not planning,” leaving hope for the future if there is a good storyline pitch delivered. It’s a little like HBO with Big Little Lies. There are no plans to bring the Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman drama back for a third season, but if the right story is pitched then HBO is open to it.

Could Amazon be open to hearing a pitch for Patriot Season 3? The good news is that Season 2 did wrap enough to bring closure to the storyline. It’s not quite the ending fans wanted but it’s an ending at least.

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What do you think about Cheng’s words? Would you like to see a third season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Patriot Seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.