The Boys: Starlight’s story is empowering but wasn’t in the original script

The Boys -- Photo credit Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV
The Boys -- Photo credit Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV /

There’s no doubt that Starlight’s storyline in The Boys is empowering. But did you know that it wasn’t in the original script despite being in the comics?

We’re very quickly introduced to the morally corrupt world of the Supes in The Boys series premiere. And unfortunately, so is Starlight. The member of the Seven she crushed on as a kid turned out to be a rapist (and yes, it’s classed as rape).

This storyline for Starlight has definitely been empowering, but did you know that it was never supposed to be in the series? It wasn’t in the original script, despite the storyline kind of being in the graphic novel. (In the novel, it’s three guys and Starlight doesn’t get the same development.)

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Erin Moriarty spoke about the development while at SDCC, saying that she was happy to see this development. Rather than just being a plot device, there’s a bigger element to make a point about survivors.

"“I keep coming back to the same saying because I think it’s the most applicable one for this situation which is that sunlight is a really good disinfectant. I’m glad that we’re exposing these stories and making them less taboo, so we can honor people who have been through these types of things and prove you’re not always the victim coming out of it; maybe you’re a stronger person.”"

While it is certainly empowering, the storyline wasn’t supposed to happen. Chace Crawford shared that it wasn’t in the original draft or the version he got when he auditioned for the part. However, according to Digital Spy, Crawford says the creative team didn’t want to shy away from the topic.

When the graphic novels were written, the idea of sexual harassment in the workplace was one of disbelief. Most people wouldn’t believe the stories or they were just one-off occurrences. We know differently now, and this is a topic that needed covering.

However, the series doesn’t glamorize the topic. Opting for the exact same storyline as the comics could have been over-the-top and questionable. By choosing just one character to force himself on Starlight, and one that Starlight had a crush on, it focused on the event and the aftermath. More specifically, it gave women a voice through Starlight to show that it’s not okay but you’re not a victim.

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What do you think of The Boys? Were you shocked to see the scene? Are you happy with the story development for Starlight? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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