The Boys’ Spice Girls reference is the perfect analogy for teams

The Boys -- Photo credit Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV
The Boys -- Photo credit Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV /

If you’ve watched The Boys, the Spice Girls will be in your head. This analogy is perfect for teams!

The Boys is taking over our TVs. After hearing about it at NYCC, it quickly became one of the most highly anticipated TV shows of 2019. And now we finally have it. What a gem it is!

Right now, you’ll likely have the Spice Girls in your head. Butcher brings up the Girl Power group within the first few episodes and offers the perfect analogy for teams in real life. I can tell you now that my husband has already used it in his workplace!

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The idea alone isn’t just about the Spice Girls. It wasn’t a dig at the individual members. In fact, One Direction, The Backstreet Boys, and most other groups (except for Justin Timberlake in *NSYNC) could have this analogy used against them, too. But it was the perfect way to bring The Boys back together as they threatened to completely separate.

The Spice Girls analogy is a better version of “there’s no I in team.” Each member of a team has their own strengths and they have their own weaknesses. One person does not a team make, and in the case of the Spice Girls, they’ve not found success apart but they were perfect together.

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And you can use that in your workplace. Each member of the team has something to bring. It could be the ability to lead, the ability to work out the oddest of problems, or just support to make sure all paperwork is complete. If one cog fails, the team fails. If one member leaves, the team isn’t the same.

It’s time to start using it in your workplace right now. You’ll get a few odd looks like Butcher got in The Boys, but it’s the perfect way to prove that a team needs everyone.

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