American Gods Season 2 on DVD in August 2019

American Gods -- Courtesy of STARZ/Amazon Prime -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center
American Gods -- Courtesy of STARZ/Amazon Prime -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center /

American Gods Season 2 has impressed on STARZ and Amazon Prime. Now it’s time to watch the war between the Old Gods and New Gods on DVD in August.

American Gods Season 2 picked up the war between the Old Gods and New Gods. It’s time to own it at home, with the DVD release coming very soon.

Make sure you get Aug. 20 in your diary for the release. If you’re not sure you’ll remember the date, you can always pre-order American Gods Season 2 on DVD through Amazon right now. With this, you get the Price Guarantee, so you’ll pay the lowest amount it ever goes to up to the release date.

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Not willing to wait for the DVD release? You can currently watch the full season on STARZ — or on Amazon Prime if you’re outside the United States — with a seven-day free trial of Amazon Channels. The season isn’t yet available on Digital through Amazon Video. This may change very soon.

The first season is available to purchase through Amazon Video. Other STARZ shows also eventually become available to purchase digitally. This is often around the same time as the DVD release to encourage as many people to sign up for STARZ as possible.

American Gods Season 2 is certainly worth the watch and it was most definitely worth the extra wait. We learned more about the individual gods, as the war brewed. The only disappointing thing was New Media, but the whole show made a point of New Media not being as good as the original, knowing that fans wouldn’t take to the change well.

It did suffer from some slower episode during the middle of the season, but then the first season had that too. The beginning and the end are worth it for the DVD alone.

It’s not clear what the boxset will include just yet. You’ll definitely get all eight episodes, but there will also likely be a gag reel, some deleted footage, and even a featurette or two.

There isn’t going to be the same wait for American Gods Season 3. The show has a new showrunner and the writing team is already hard at work. There’s plenty to be excited about.

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What did you think of American Gods Season 2? Will you own it on DVD? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

American Gods Season 2 will be on DVD on Aug. 20, 2019.