Strike Back Season 6 coming to DVD and Blu-Ray in August 2019

A scene from Strike Back season 6. Photo Credit: Hal Shinnie/Courtesy of Cinemax.
A scene from Strike Back season 6. Photo Credit: Hal Shinnie/Courtesy of Cinemax. /

Cinemax’s Strike Back Season 6 is coming to Blu-Ray and DVD in August. Get all the details about the release, including how to pre-order it on Amazon.

Strike Back fans can get ready for the release of the latest season. Strike Back Season 6 is headed to DVD and Blu-Ray this summer, and you can pre-order it on Amazon right now.

The sixth season (or seventh, if you count the season before the show came to Cinemax) features a new challenge for the remaining members of Section 20: finding nuclear warheads. Samuel Wyatt (Daniel MacPherson, APB), Thomas “Mac” McAllister (Warren Brown, Luther) and Gracie Novin (Alin Sumarwata, Neighbours) have been benched since the last season but they’re brought back to handle this new terrifying threat.

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They’ve also got a new commanding officer, Colonel Alexander Coltrane (Jamie Bamber, Marcella, Battlestar Galactica).

What hasn’t changed is Section 20 having to travel the world in order to save it. Season 6 features more exotic locales, more plot twists, and of course, more heart-pumping action sequences as Wyatt, Mac and Novin do everything they can to find the nukes and stop a brand-new conspiracy.

You’ll be able to watch it all on August 18, when the Blu-Rays and DVDs are released.

But right now, you can pre-order Strike Back Season 6 on Amazon, which comes with the Pre-Order Price Guarantee. That ensures you receive the lowest price the season drops to between now and the release date.

And with the season currently listed at just $18.99 (DVD) and $25.73 (Blu-Ray), it’s an absolute steal for TV fans. Strike Back is one of the best shows on TV, and even if the price doesn’t drop any lower in the next two months, you’re still getting each episode for $1.89 (or $2.57) plus a digital copy.

HBO Home Entertainment hasn’t announced any special features yet for the set, but it will come on two discs. HBO normally includes at least some sort of behind the scenes material, though, so that’s all the more reason to add this set to your shopping cart now.

What about Amazon Video users? You can purchase the season now for $24.99, but you’re going to miss out on any bonus features. Since the Video price is only $0.74 less than the Blu-Ray, and the Blu-Ray comes with a digital copy, you’re almost better off waiting until August for the release date.

But however you want to do it, Strike Back Season 6 is something that absolutely should be in any TV fan’s collection. Watch the Season 6 trailer below and then get to pre-ordering Strike Back!

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Strike Back season 6 will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on August 16, 2019.