Good Omens Episode 4 recap: Miracles come to life

Jon Hamm and Michael Sheen -- Photo Credit Todd Williamson -- Acquired via EPK.TV
Jon Hamm and Michael Sheen -- Photo Credit Todd Williamson -- Acquired via EPK.TV /

It’s time for miracles to come to life in Good Omens Episode 4. Here’s a recap of the midpoint of the series.

Good Omens Episode 4 delivers miracles, more Horsemen on the Apocalypse, and plenty of hilarious twists and turns. Here’s a recap of everything that happened.

After getting the 30-minute look of Crowley and Aziraphale’s friendship, it was time to get into the real trouble of the apocalypse. This episode opens with the Lost City of Atlantis mysteriously reappearing, aliens landing, and Tibetans tunneling under the Earth. It’s clear that something odd is happening and the apocalypse is getting one step closer.

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It turns out all that material Anathema gave Adam wasn’t good for the world. He unknowingly brought it all to life — and it shouldn’t be surprising that he likely set off the nuclear power station.

And Adam may be bringing the apocalypse but he’s not the only one getting ready. The courier heads out on his last deliveries. The first is to bring Pollution into the mix — she’s taken over from Disease. It’s the next that leads to a sad event for our Courier Man who simply wants to do a good job.

He allows himself to get knocked over and killed so that he can deliver the last parcel to Death. The Four Motorcyclists have been summoned.

Meanwhile, Crowley and Aziraphale’s bosses realize that the two are working together. Now they need to step up the game if they want to stop the apocalypse from happening.

Crowley has to take out one of his demon “friends” Home Alone style, with a bucket of holy water. Yes, the holy water that Aziraphale got for him. The other gets trapped in the phone lines in a message Aziraphale left for Crowley, sharing that he knows where the Antichrist is.

Aziraphale, after getting a visit from Metatron, decides to try to contact the Almighty to plead to her better nature. However, Shadwell had decided that Aziraphale is a witch and decides to storm the book store. As Aziraphale attempts to prevent Shadwell from getting into the communication to God, he accidentally steps into it and is zapped away.

While all that goes on, the apocalypse begins. Adam realizes that he can remake the world in his own way and he wants his friends — in fact, he demands his friends — are by his side. As a storm brews, he forces his friends, who definitely don’t want to join him, to sit and listen.

Back at Anathema’s cottage, Pulsifer has shown up injured. It was all in a prophecy and Anathema realizes that he’s the one in another prophecy, one that involves her. They’re supposed to hook up and that’s exactly what happens when they’re under the bed, trying to hide out the storm.

This is the busiest episode so far, but one thing is clear. The apocalypse is here.

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