What time is Suspiria on Amazon Prime Video?

Suspiria -- hoto Credit: Alessio Bolzoni; Courtesy of Amazon Studios -- Acquired via epk.tv
Suspiria -- hoto Credit: Alessio Bolzoni; Courtesy of Amazon Studios -- Acquired via epk.tv /

The Amazon Studios remake of Suspiria is on Amazon Prime Video at the end of the week. When can you start watching? What time will Suspiria debut on Amazon Prime Video?

The end of this week is excellent for thriller fans. Suspiria makes its way onto the service. What time can you start streaming Suspiria on Amazon Prime Video?

This is all about the remake of the 1977 movie. While there are certainly many similarities, the new movie also takes on a slightly different retelling. However, the creepiness to the thriller is still there and it remains a movie that you need to watch.

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You can start streaming the movie usually from around midnight BST. This is five hours ahead of EDT and eight hours ahead of PDT. So, we’re looking at about 7 p.m. or 4 p.m. (or somewhere in between) depending on your timezone.

Amazon can sometimes be a little late in dropping the content. If that’s the case, keep checking all the way up to midnight. By midnight in your local timezone, Suspiria will be available to stream.

Not seen or heard of the movie yet? Set in 1970s Berlin, American dancer Susie Bannion joins a new dance company. When’s picked as the new lead dancer, the original lead has a breakdown. If only that was the most dangerous aspect of the dance company, though. It’s soon clear that there’s something mysterious going on in the forgotten basement.

Ratings for Suspiria from Amazon Studios are mixed. On Rotten Tomatoes, the Tomatometer reading sits at 66% and the Audience Score is close with a 68% approval. For some, it’s a movie with plenty of twists and turns to pull you in. For others, it infuriatingly slow. It really does depend on what you want to gain from a movie and what you find enjoyable.

Check out the trailer for Suspiria below.

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What are you waiting to come to Amazon Prime Video? What did you think of Suspiria when it was in theaters? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Suspiria is on Amazon Prime Video on May 3 as part of your Prime membership. Watch it with a 30-day free trial.