What time is Humans Season 3 on Amazon Prime Video?

Gemma Chan as Mia - Humans _ Season 3, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Colin Hutton/Kudos/CH4/AMC
Gemma Chan as Mia - Humans _ Season 3, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Colin Hutton/Kudos/CH4/AMC /

At long last, Humans Season 3 is heading to Amazon Prime Video. What time can you start streaming it this week?

We’ve waited what feels like forever to watch Humans Season 3 on Amazon Prime Video. It’s finally on its way this week. Now you want to know what time you can start streaming Humans Season 3.

There isn’t much longer to wait. Shows are made available at midnight GMT, which is excellent news for those of us in North America. Because of timezones, we can often get movies and shows hours earlier than Britain. You could see Humans Season 3 released at 7 p.m. EDT or 4 p.m. PDT on Apr. 26. Yes, that’s a day earlier than the release date.

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This isn’t always the case. There are times that the drop doesn’t happen at exactly midnight, but it’s happened more often than not. If the series isn’t available exactly at midnight GMT in your timezone, keep checking every hour or so. You may just find that it drops any time up to midnight in your local timezone.

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Humans Season 3 picked up a year after the dawning of synth consciousness. Max, Mia, and Flash remain on their own in the fearful human race after Leo slipped into a coma. Meanwhile, Laura continues to fight for synth rights, which gets an unexpected boost during the premiere episode.

The war between synths and humans continues to build throughout all eight episodes of the season. You’ll be able to binge watch all eight episodes on the same day if you want. It makes the perfect weekend show! You’ve got time to catch up on the last two seasons if you need a few reminders of the events that happened.

Check out the trailer for Humans Season 3 to get ready for the drop at the end of the week.

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What are you watching this week? What are you excited to see in Humans Season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Humans Season 3 will be on Amazon Prime Video by midnight in your local area on Apr. 27.