50 best TV shows on Amazon Prime Video: Boston Legal

As promised, Boston Legal has made it to the list of 50 best TV shows on Amazon Prime Video in March. Just where is it on the list and why does it deserve to be here.

In 2004, David E. Kelley brought a spin-off to The Practice. Alan Shaw made his way to Boston, getting a job at Crane, Poole, and Schmidt and it was far better than we ever expected. Yes, it’s all about Boston Legal on the list of 50 best TV shows on Amazon Prime Video.

Check out the full list to see where Boston Legal makes the cut. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the list for when you want something new to watch.

The series may have been a spin-off but it’s the first of the two that many people come to know. One of the big benefits is that few characters from the original came over, allowing for fresh storytelling and no need to watch the previous show to understand who the characters were.

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James Spader and William Shatner starred as Alan Shaw and Denny Crane, two lawyers with completely different political viewpoints and from different generations. While Crane supported the Republicans, the use of guns, and the death penalty, Shaw was a Liberal and supported gun reform and hated the death penalty.

Throughout the series, we got a look at different issues in the workplace, discrimination for sex and disabilities, and how various lawyers would work together. This was a show that managed to bring up a number of poignant and topical subjects while keeping the humor and entertainment.

One of the best things about the show was its ability to break the fourth wall. Oh, and the way that the episodes would end with Shatner and Spader on the balcony of Denny’s office.

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Boston Legal Seasons 1 to 5 are now on Amazon Prime Video.