When will Doctor Who Season 11 be on Amazon Prime Video?

DOCTOR WHO -- Photo credit: BBC -- Acquired via AMC Press Center
DOCTOR WHO -- Photo credit: BBC -- Acquired via AMC Press Center /

The last 10 seasons of The Doctor’s adventures are on Amazon Prime Video. That should mean Doctor Who Season 11 will be available, but when?

Right now, the only way to watch Doctor Who Season 11 is by buying the season pass or individual episodes. However, the first 10 seasons of adventures and stories are available with your Prime membership. That means the first season of Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor should be available eventually. When will that be?

Just when can we expect Doctor Who Season 11 to be on Amazon Prime Video? Well, the bad news is that it won’t likely be any time soon. Most years, the series has dropped in full about a year after the premiere date of the previous season. That was certainly the case for Season 9 of the fantasy series.

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Doctor Who Season 10 worked a little differently. Instead of making fans wait until April 2018 (the premiere was April 2017), fans got a chance to rewatch the season in full from January 2018. It was an excellent New Year’s gift from Amazon and could mean something similar happens with Season 11.

Doctor Who Season 11 premiered on BBC (and BBC America) on Oct. 7, 2018. That could mean we’re waiting until October 2019 for the full season to be available on Amazon Prime Video. However, if the show works in the way it did last season, we could see a summer release.

The 12th season of the show won’t drop in 2019. We’ll get a New Year’s Day special tomorrow but other than that, we’re waiting until 2020 for new episodes. Personally, I hope the new season is on Amazon Prime Video sooner rather than later to get my Jodie Whittaker-Doctor fix.

Amazon Prime Video and BBC America are the only ways you’ll be able to stream the series as part of a current membership in the United States. In Canada, it should come to Crave TV, like the previous 10 seasons.

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What did you think of the latest season? What do you hope to see in Doctor Who Season 12? Are you excited for the show to come to Amazon Prime Video soon? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Doctor Who Season 11 should come to Amazon Prime Video by October 2019.