30 shows in danger of cancellation in 2019

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SPLITTING UP TOGETHER — ABC/Mitch Haaseth — Acquired via Disney ABC Press

It’s time for a new year and this is the point that many networks decide on whether to cancel shows or renew them. Which 30 shows are most in danger of being canceled in 2019?

As we get into the New Year celebrations, it’s time to look at the fate of our favorite shows. While some are sure to get a renewal, there are others shows that just don’t stand a chance at all. The networks are pretty much keeping them on to air the episodes that they’ve already ordered.

Then there are other shows on the bubble. This means they could swing either way. The fates of the shows are in the air, making many fans fear the worst.

I’ve put a list together of the shows that are in danger of being canceled in 2019. They come from across various networks and streaming services, looking at the live ratings and the standings on the nights they air.

I will say that I didn’t include the Marvel shows on Netflix As you’ll likely know, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil have all been canceled. It’s highly likely that Jessica Jones and The Punisher will follow suit in the near future. This is even more likely considering Daredevil was one of the highest rated shows on Netflix and was canceled, showing something is going on behind the scenes.

The list of shows is in alphabetical order for ease of listing. However, it’s clear which ones I think are dead shows walking.

Here are my 30 picks. Which shows do you think are in danger of cancellation in 2019?

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