Julia Roberts on Jimmy Kimmel Live: Homecoming, flamingos, and heights

Photo credit: Homecoming/Amazon Studios, Image Acquired from EPK.tv
Photo credit: Homecoming/Amazon Studios, Image Acquired from EPK.tv /

Julia Roberts promoted her show Homecoming while on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week. She didn’t just talk about the show, though. There were discussions of flamingoes, fear of heights, and much more.

Jimmy Kimmel Live was a host of a number of exciting guests this week promoting their new shows and projects. On Thursday, Julia Roberts took to the stage to talk about Homecoming, her first stint on TV. It wasn’t all about the American psychological thriller, though.

She talked Halloween, a fear of heights, and so much more. Oh, and the pink hair? You can thank her Halloween costume but honestly, I think it looked amazing.

Yes, it turns out that Roberts is afraid of heights. That didn’t stop her from doing the Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot on a rock face. Did it cure her fear of heights? I’ll let you watch this clip from the interview to find out.

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There was also a discussion about Halloween. Of course, Roberts took her children out trick or treating and that meant she had to put on a costume. Part imagination and part store-bought, she decided to go dressed as a flamingo, which certainly explains the awesome pink hair.

That hair matched her outfit for the night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but was it planned? You can find out more about her Halloween night and outfit choice in this snippet of the interview.

Of course, most of Julia Roberts’ appearance on the talk show was for her TV show Homecoming, which she executive produced as well as starred in. As a podcast first, Roberts did listen to that before agreeing to do the show. In fact, she got to listen to it before the podcast came out.

As for the show, well, she didn’t realize that it would be a TV show. Rather than give anything away about it, the focus did move onto the raving reviews, which at the time of the interview had a 100% rating on Rotton Tomatoes. It’s certainly worth the watch.

Julia Roberts is always fun in her interviews. She’s chatty and exciting, working with Kimmel’s comedy perfectly. Of course, when it comes to acting, she’s a chameleon and she slips into the role of Heidi Bergman seemingly effortlessly.

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What do you think of Homecoming? Are you excited to see more from Julia Roberts? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Homecoming Season 1 is now available on Amazon Prime Video