Should Amazon save Marvel’s Luke Cage and Iron Fist after Netflix cancellation?

Marvel's Luke Cage -- Photo credit: David Lee/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
Marvel's Luke Cage -- Photo credit: David Lee/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

Luke Cage and Iron Fist have been the biggest shock cancellations of this month. Netflix isn’t moving ahead with the two Marvel shows. Is it time for Amazon to step in and save them?

Iron Fist‘s cancellation wasn’t big news to many. The first season made Danny Rand unlikeable but that started to change with the second season and there was hope. However, the Luke Cage cancellation was major news. With Netflix pulling the plug, now could be the time for Amazon to get into the Marvel game.

Could Amazon save the two shows? It’s a slight possibility and I’d be all up for it! These Marvel shows have offered something different to the norm. We have the questionable bad guys, the anti-heroes, and a group of people coming together in the hope of saving the day. Both helped to bring some diversity to TV, especially Luke Cage.

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However, Amazon may not be able to save the shows. It really depends on the reasons for cancellation. Looper shares that creative differences and lower viewing figures were the reason for both shows being canceled, but it also points out another reason: Disney.

Disney’s streaming service is coming next year. We already know that the Disney movies (including the likes of Star Wars and the Marvel movies) will be moving off Netflix. Since Amazon streams the digitally released versions that are bought separately, they’re not moving off our service. However, Disney’s streaming service could be the reason for the Netflix Marvel shows being canceled one by one.

Time will tell when it comes to the likes of Jessica Jones and DaredevilJJ has already received a third season and Daredevil has just dropped its third season with high hopes for a fourth. If both of those are canceled, it’s clear that Disney is the big reason because it wants to bring the Marvel shows to its own platform.

If not, maybe it’s time for Amazon to step in and get into the Marvel game. Even if it’s just Luke Cage, saving one is better than both disappearing.

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Would you want Amazon to save Luke Cage and Iron Fist? Would you watch the shows if they came to Prime? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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