Transparent two-hour musical finale: Will there be a fifth season?

Credit: Transparent - Amazon Prime Vide
Credit: Transparent - Amazon Prime Vide /

Transparent will close the series with a two-hour musical finale. What’s not clear is whether this is going to be the fifth season or if there will be more.

Amazon had previously confirmed that there would be a fifth and final season of Transparent, without the disgraced Jeffrey Tambor. Now TVLine reports that a two-hour musical will act as the finale of the series. What about the intended fifth season? Will there be more than a two-hour wrap-up?

The answer to that isn’t clear. In fact, TVLine doesn’t even know if there will be a fifth season before the musical two-hour finale. It’s possible that instead of a full fifth season, the two-hour musical will serve as the full fifth season.

It’s certainly not the only show to get this treatment. Shadowhunters and Timeless fans will get two-hour movies to wrap up storylines due to cancellation after filming had finished on their last seasons. Firefly fans also got the movie Serenity to wrap up the storylines left open due to cancellation.

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The two-hour musical finale, which is being worked on between the series creators and transgender performer Shakina Nayfack, will be on Amazon Prime Video in fall 2019. That gives time for Transparent Season 5 to air first.

There was hope that the fifth season would be available this fall, keeping it in line with the previous season drops. After all, the fourth season was available in September 2017. If the show only comes back with the two-hour finale, that means two years will pass between the Season 4 finale and the musical.

The fifth season had already been delayed to 2019 in the wake of allegations against Tambor. He was fired back in February, which would have been when some of the writing would have been taking place–maybe even some of the filming. Before the firing, there had been discussions about Tambor playing Mort to answer complaints against a male playing a transgender woman, so it would suggest that writing hadn’t even started by this point.

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Would you like to see more of Transparent Season 5 without Tambor? Is the two-hour musical finale enough? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Transparent‘s two-hour finale will stream sometime in fall 2019.