Amazon, Netflix Emmy success hints at bright things for streaming

THE MARVELOUS MRS MAISEL -- Phot credit: Amazon Studios -- Acquired via EPK. TV
THE MARVELOUS MRS MAISEL -- Phot credit: Amazon Studios -- Acquired via EPK. TV /

Amazon and Netflix saw success at the Emmys 2018. This is excellent news for streaming as a whole.

The Emmys 2018 was dominated by streaming and cable services. Netflix and HBO tied for first place in the total awards, but Amazon, Showtime, and FX all saw success. What does this mean for streaming services?

It’s all good things. With more good TV being created by these streaming services, there’s more of a call for them around the world. And “around the world” is an important statement.

Unlike primetime TV in the States, shows on the likes of Amazon and Netflix make it to their global platforms (most of the time). There’s no need to wait for licensing agreements and hope that everyone can agree for the fans.

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More success also encourages more good TV. The streaming services see that they’re moving in the right direction and that makes them want to create more excellent binge-worthy content.

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Then, we can’t forget about what the Emmys 2018 success means for the streaming service subscriptions. Not many people had heard about The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel before the Emmys. With the big success, more people are searching for it. They want to know what it’s about and where they can watch it.

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THE MARVELOUS MRS MAISEL — Photo credit: Amazon Studios — Acquired via EPK. TV /

People looking for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel will come to Amazon Prime and that leads to more subscribers. With that brings people looking at more Prime Original content, which allows that to grow.

This could also change the way in which primetime networks air content. CBS has already moved into a streaming service through CBS All Access. Others offer online viewing, both live and on-demand. However, with the growth of the success of streaming services, could we see more primetime networks go global?

I’ve said something needs to change in the primetime networks before, ever since the Lucifer cancellation which led to Netflix stepping in and The Expanse cancellation that led to Amazon saving it. More Emmys success could help to push this.

Whatever needs to happen, the Emmys 2018 success means one thing. The future is bright for the streaming services and Original content.

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What do you think the Emmys success means for streaming services? Are Amazon, Netflix, and others on the rise? Share your thoughts in the comments below.