Jack Ryan season 1, episode 8 recap: Threats from the enemy

Credit: Jack Ryan - Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV
Credit: Jack Ryan - Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV /

Jack Ryan concludes the show’s first season with plenty of action and a good set up for the second season.

After a news clip, Jack Ryan has a flashback to his time in the military and a horrible helicopter crash. We haven’t seen a ton of his past, but when he wakes up around 3 AM, he tells Cathy about the crash after saying he’s fine. He definitely doesn’t want to lie to her and it’s actually nice to see him opening up about his past now. The boy he was trying to save is the one who took the helicopter down.

Suleiman and Samir make their way into the United States by way of Canada. Just after they arrive, we see the worker who finds the one container that was left behind by presumably Suleiman’s men. He dies shortly after getting to the hospital from the radiation. Meanwhile, Cathy stops by Dr. Nadler’s room before going to check up on the President.

Jack figures out the Suleiman might not want to kill thousands of people. Instead, it is similar to the attack in Paris where he killed one man in order to kill the others. As of right now, though, it isn’t clear how the Ebola and the cesium are connected. Knowing Jack, he’s likely on the right track with his theory.

Samir is snooping around the warehouse when he finds a couple dead bodies and freaks out a bit. Suleiman is in an EMS uniform, which can’t be good for anyone. Meanwhile, Jack asks Hanin about the cesium and tells her that Suleiman knew they were coming. Sara was listening in from the top of the stairs and based on the look on her face, she reapplied that she screwed up.

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Ibrahim walks into a pizzeria in Georgetown and lets off a bomb that he left behind in his bag. He didn’t use the cesium, but we see Suleiman waiting to join the rest of the EMS crew. Jack realizes that the target is the hospital that Cathy works at since the President is there. Due to the chaos, Suleiman and his men are able to just slip right on in.

Just like Ali did before, the men hid what they needed inside the dead bodies that they brought with them. The plan is to release the cesium into a giant vent and it should reach the President within 30 seconds according to Ibrahim. However, they didn’t account for Jack and Greer showing up and informing Secret Service of a threat.

Cathy pulls the fire alarm after seeing the text from Jack about getting out. Greer sees one of the men and he ends up in the elevator with Cathy. Thankfully Greer gets to the fourth floor in time to shoot him.

The cops shoot the man who was with Samir, but let Suleiman and the other man walk right on by. Jack goes after them and chases them into the subway station. He’s able to shoot one who falls into the oncoming subway, but he loses Suleiman.

Credit: Jack Ryan – Prime Video — Acquired via EPK.TV
Credit: Jack Ryan – Prime Video — Acquired via EPK.TV /

In another station, Suleiman grabs some Nationals gear to blend in. Jack shoots up to get everyone to clear out and he takes the shot to kill Suleiman before he can detonate the bomb. He didn’t take the shot when he first had Ali in his sights earlier in the season, but he wasn’t going to make the same mistake again.

Samir is reunited with the rest of his family and Jack is able to keep his promise about doing everything he can to get him back. However, Jack isn’t fully convinced that he’s saved the kid’s life just yet. Only time will tell on that one.

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Four months later, we see Matice in Morocco and he takes out Ibrahim in his apartment. Jack goes into Greer’s office as he’s packing up his office. He got a new job in Moscow as Deputy Chief of Station. Jack is happy to be staying in one place for a bit. Nathan Singer wants to promote Jack with Greer transferring to Moscow. However, when he opens the folder, he has a plane ticket from Greer to join him in Moscow.

Overall, this was a fun season to watch. It’s a good one to just sit back and enjoy. There’s already going to be a second season of the show that will bring an additional eight episodes, but we’ll have to wait until next year for those. I was impressed witb John Krasinski, but not too surprised considering how much I enjoyed his work in A Quiet Place. While there was a lot more action in this, he was brave in both roles. I’m looking forward to seeing if they indeed head to Moscow in season two.

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